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6U Program
Each team will have a schedule where they show up for an hour each Saturday or possibly Sunday. For the first half hour, coaches run practice. Practice plans can be found in the 6u coach manual - at this age it is more about keeping them on the field and engaged, having a great time. Do not be worried about running a professional practice. At this age you're there to have a fun time with the kids and do your best for them to have a great time. There are days when players will be upset or emotional- it happens to every single coach. You do your best to bring them back on the field when they're ready.

After a half hour of practice, you play the other team in a half hour of a game. Again at this age we're just here for the kids to learn how to be on a team and how to be on the field. Coaches will be on the field (usually one on either half) to referee the game. Mostly calling out of bounds, corner kick, etc. There really isn't a lot to call at this age group.

Each game consists of four five minute quarters with a five minute halftime. Use a size 3 ball. Four players take the field, with no players playing goalkeeper - they should not be near the goal. We want players to learn to score and be excited. We suggest two offense and two defense.

Each player should play at least one half. Every single player needs a uniform and shin guards. 

Once coaches are assigned, coordinators will provide them with their rosters and we encourage them to reach out to their team immediately to let everyone know practice times and introduce yourself. We suggest email and text at least for the first communication. 


The Start of Play: 
The game should be started with a kick-off in the middle of the field.

The Kick-off: 
The kick off is taken from the center of the field with each team in their own half and the team not kicking off at least ten feet from the ball. Do not insist the opponent always be ten feet from the ball, as this is just a guide to give the kicker room to kick the ball without it immediately hitting an opponent. Remember, let them play and do not interfere for technicalities. 

Ball In and Out of Play:
The ball is out of play in all age group games when it completely crosses the touch line (side line) or goal line (end line), either on the ground or in the air. The coach in the 6U games will determine when one of these restarts in necessary and should then interfere as little as possible in the restart. It's their game, let them play. The coach can work on technique later. 

Method of Scoring:
A goal, in all age groups, is awarded when the ball completely crosses the goal line into the goal. Goals should be celebrated enthusiastically by everyone in 6U, but goals are not recorded to determine who wins. Everyone wins in 6U games.

Free Kicks:
Play may have to be stopped occasionally to 'sort things out' in 6U games. A player may pick up the ball and start running with it, or want to keep it away from the other players, or perhaps there is a pile of kids on the ground kicking at both the ball and each other. Stop play, quickly correct the situation and restart with a kick to a deserving player. All free kicks in 6U are indirect kicks. Opponents must be at least ten feet from the ball or on the goal line between the goal posts during free kicks. Free kicks awarded to the attacking team inside the defending teams goal area are to be taken from the nearest point on the goal area line parallel to the goal line.

No offside.

Throw-ins are replaced with kick-ins or dribble-ins at 6U. Opponents should be ten feet from the ball.

Goal Kick:
A goal kick is awarded to the opposing team, in 6U and older, when the attacking team is last to touch the ball before it crosses the goal line but without scoring a goal. The goal kick may be taken from any point inside the goal area. The opposing team must be at least ten feet away from the ball when the goal kick is taken in 6U games.

Corner Kick:
A corner kick is awarded to the opposing team, in 6U and older, when the defending team is last to touch the ball before it crosses the goal line but not scoring a goal. The opposing team must be at least ten feet from the ball when the corner kick is taken in 6U games.

Hand Ball:

A hand ball infraction occurs when a player handles the ball deliberately. The 'hand' includes the entire arm up to the top of the shoulder. Instinctive, self-protective reactions are not penalized at this young age. Accidental contact (ball striking hand or arm with no intent by the player) is not an offense and should not be penalized.

No Heading:
Consistent with the US Soccer mandates on heading the ball, heading is banned for all division 11U (12U and below for programs without single age divisions) and below in both practices and matches. An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team if a player deliberately touches the ball with his/her head during a match (taken where the player touched the ball with his/her head).

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