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Apr, 2021

AREA G Pandemic Safety Guidelines - SPRING 2021

AREA G Pandemic Safety Guidelines - SPRING 2021


During a Pandemic declared by the State, local government, MHSAA or AYSO, the rules in Area are in effect for interplay games.
Masks, Social Distancing, and testing for players in U-15 are a foundation to help keep our players and volunteers safe.


Players will be required to wear masks when on or near the soccer fields/complex
Parents and non-players must use masks or not be within 6 feet of the practice area, or other people.
All Players, Coaches, and Referees are required to wear a mask. 
Coaches need to plan practices and drills with social distancing in mind. 
Coaches need to advise that if anyone is not feeling well, the player or family member should remain home and if a player or family member has tested positive for a Covid virus, the player is not to participate or attend practice for a period required by MHSAA.

Game Day

Upon arrival, all players coaches and referees and others will wear a mask. Others will wear a mask or keep a 6-foot social distance from the time they leave their vehicle until they return to the vehicle, to people outside their family members.
Player’s beverages are not to be shared and need to be clearly marked with the player’s name.
There are to be no team shared snacks at the end of game.
Spectators are to remain 6 feet or more from the playing field. 
During Play
During the game Players Coaches, and will wear a mask. Spectators who are not keeping a 6-foot distance from will wear a mask.  At the end of play, players coaches and referee may not shake hands. Each team should discover a way to end the game with a show of Good Sportsmanship.


Regions are encouraged to provide Porta-potties and keep concessions closed. Signs need to be placed to inform or remind everyone that social distancing, and /or wearing a mask is required to help keep our players and volunteers safe. 

In the event that rules for practice or games are not followed, practice and games can be suspended, and/or players and coaches may be removed from the field by a referee, the Regional Commissioner, or one of the Commissioners designated volunteers, Spectators may be sent off the fields or complex by the Regional Commissioner or one of the commissioner designated volunteers.
These Pandemic rules may be changed as conditions warrant by a vote of the Regional Commissioners by means other than in person meeting.

U-15 Players must be tested once a week before all games.  Players who are not tested may not play any games for that week of games.

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